Synthetic Sudoku

Synthetic Sudoku

Synthetic Sudoku is a free application which generates Sudoku puzzles and allows them to be solved on-screen. In addition it offers:

  • A sophisticated hints system.
  • A competition mode in which two players compete to solve the same puzzle.
  • Multiple difficulty levels.
  • The ability to enter a puzzle by hand (e.g. from a newspaper).
  • Printing of puzzles.
  • The facility to save a game in progress.
Synthetic Sudoku Screenshot
Screenshot of Synthetic Sudoku Application

The program was created by a team of undergraduates at the University of Cambridge, as part of the Computer Science Tripos (Part IB).

Due to other commitments there will be no further development work on this project.

Please note: Synthetic Sudoku is downloaded and used entirely at your own risk. We make no warranties that the program is free of errors. In no event shall the authors, or the University of Cambridge or any of its affiliated institutions, be liable to you for any damages of any kind resulting from its use or misuse. The copyright is retained by the authors.

At the prompt(s) you may need to click “OK”, “I accept…” and “Run” in order to launch the application. The application permissions are required to save/load games to disk and print puzzles.