Synthetic Sudoku is available to download free of charge.

The program has been written in Java, and can run only on a Java Virtual Machine such as the one provided by Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE). To test whether you have Java installed, visit the verification page. If not, it can be downloaded for free.

The files provided are .jar files. These are associated with the Java Runtime Environment, which allows the program to be run by double-clicking on the file in Windows. Alternatively (e.g. on Linux) run "java -jar [filename]".

The program is downloaded and used entirely at your own risk. We make no warranties that the program is free of errors. In no event shall the authors, or the University of Cambridge or any of its affiliated institutions, be liable to you for any damages of any kind resulting from its use or misuse. The copyright is retained by the authors.

Latest version

Download Version 1.0.1 (Release 07/03/2006) (766 KB)

Previous versions

The following beta releases were made available during the program's development. As such, they can be expected to contain bugs. These have been kept to illustrate the progress made from the first beta to the final release. In most cases you should download the final, stable version provided above.